Are You A Rockwell Collins / Collins Aerospace Retiree?

The Collins Retirees Association is a non-profit organization. The purpose of the Association shall be to provide a meeting place for the members and their families, where they can find companionship and opportunities to pursue their interests in recreational activities, crafts, education, and activities to promote the welfare of the community. The Collins Retirees Association (CRA) is primarily a group of Collins Radio Co. or Rockwell Collins retirees local to the Dallas, TX area. However, we welcome retirees (or family members) from related organizations who have worked directly for or retired from Rockwell Collins or one of the affiliated organizations that were part of the Rockwell International group or spin-offs from that group. If you have retired or otherwise fit the description above, you may register as a member and receive our newsletters, emails and meeting notifications.

RCRA Registration

NOTE: Your privacy is important to the organization and your personal information will NOT be released outside the organization in the future. In the past, it was the practice to release rosters with name, address, phone, and email to members of the organization. The policy was revised effective July 1, 2018 to only release a roster of active names with associated email addresses (if email release was specifically authorized by the member). Rosters will be released in PDF format only.

Bylaws Revision Vote – Oct 18, 2018 at General Membership Meeting

A revised set of Bylaws was presented at the Oct 18, 2018 General Membership Meeting and unanimously approved by voice vote (no nays). The last change to bylaws occurred in 1995. Since then changes to our parent organization, our membership criteria, and operation of the retirees association have occurred. These changed updated the bylaws to reflect the current organizational realities. The name of the RCRA was changed in the bylaws to “Collins Retirees Association”. This change assumed the UTC merger would be effective in the very near future. We will NOT by providing copies for review at the meeting. You may review the documents in advance of the meeting by following one or both of the following links: CRA Bylaws as Amended Oct 18, 2018. This link will remain active for a short time.


The problem:

Over the years, as we transitioned between leadership teams, documents have been lost or misplaced. This came to light when we started looking for the “original” documents (or a copy) of our application and approval for an IRS tax ID showing we were a not-for-profit group. This has potential implications in our ability to solicit donations to support the operation of the RCRA.

What are we seeking:

The current leadership team is seeking your support in reviewing your files and/or computers for ANY RCRA documents that document the formation, operation, or legal status of the RCRA. Such as … :

  1. Articles of Incorporation
  2. Bylaws
  3. Tax status applications or approval (Federal (IRS) or state) We have reason to believe that the RCRA was approved by the IRS as a 501c4 Not-for-Profit at some point in time. We have the tax ID number but no documentation. It is key to understand the basis of our tax ID so that we can properly report both to the Federal and state govt’s.
  4. IRS Tax returns or 990 reports
  5. State of Texas Franchise reports
Additionally, it would be nice to collect historical documents describing the formation of the Retirees Association and it’s history.
Thank you in advance for looking at your files and trying to find some of the information above. Bobby Allen & I monitor this email account  ( and will be on the watch for your responses. Your efforts could go a long way to closing the gap in the information we have.

We are seeking nominations and/or volunteers to lead the RCRA from Oct 2018 to April 2020

The two year terms for our current officers completes after our April 2018 meeting. We are now asking for volunteers to take one of the three positions. The positions are President, Vice President and Treasurer. If you have interest in one of these opportunities, you can contact one of our current officers with any questions and to volunteer. The officers and their contact information can be found under the contacts section of the website. A quick reminder of our current officers is provided below:

  • President – Tommy Dodson ( 951-313-4264)
  • Vice President- Bobby Allen ( 912-467-9107)
  • Treasurer – Ted Fredricks.     ( 214-803-6544)

Presidents Ponderings by Tommy Dodson

A Message From Our President…

Our Spring meeting of the Richardson Rockwell Collins retirees has come and gone. We are pleased to have had as our guest speaker Lieutenant Luke Hosman of the US Navy TACAMO program. Lieutenant Hosman is stationed at Tinker Navy Base in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He updated us on TACAMO today and also what is ahead for this critical National Defense Program. As I have said before, the TACAMO program has been a significant contributor to the Richardson business for well over fifty years. Lt. Hosman closed his presentation by announcing that a search is on for a replacement for the E-6 air-frame, while it was a successful platform, it has been seen much heavier utilization and needs to be replaced. This indicates that the program will continue for quite some time. Most of us have supported TACAMO either directly or indirectly at some point over the course of our careers, it will be great to see how this legacy of our business continues. I want to give Bobby Allen a special thank you for coordinating this visit for our group. In addition, we are still in need of volunteers to fill our three officer positions. These are two year commitments ( four meetings) and begins with our October 2018 meeting and concludes with the April 2020 session. Again, the positions are for President, Vice President and Treasurer. Please contact any one of our officers if you are interested in any of the three positions. They can answer questions you may have as well. We did not receive any volunteers for these roles and therefore will begin a drafting process. the current officers have agreed to serve until the October 2018 meeting Lastly, the acquisition of Rockwell Collins by United Technologies is proceeding through the approval process. In January this year the Rockwell Collins share owners approved the sale and the forecast for final approval and closing remains the third quarter of this year. It was a great meeting and I enjoying seeing you all there. Thank You, Tommy

Member Contributions

Member contributions received at the meetings continue to play a major role in offsetting the expenses of this organization. When the baskets are passed please be generous. Another way to help RCRA is to purchase an ad on this site. Any RCRA officer can help you with the details.

New Retirees & Obituaries

Due to privacy concerns, Rockwell Collins does not directly release the names and contact information of employees retiring.  Therefore, it is up to us (all of you and me) to take notice of those retiring and report that information to the RCRA leadership.  Please provide name and contact information of new retirees by email or phone to the RCRA officers.  See the Contacts & Links page for phones. Email: We ask you to notify one of the officers of obituaries/death notices for our members and send a copy to our email account ( to aid in distribution of that information to our members.

Website Information

In 2015, Jerry Henninger, a past president of RCRA, engaged his business partner Lance Ochs to develop, maintain, and host the RCRA website, Today, Lance continues to host the website but we’ve transitioned development to Bill Zeigler and on-going maintenance to Eric Pearson. We thank Jerry and Lance for the initial development and for hosting our web site. We also thank Bill & Eric for taking the initiative to reorganize and update the website.

RCRA Meeting is Coming!

Thursday – April 18, 2019 9:00am Social Hour 10:00am Business Meeting Richardson Civic Center 411 W. Arapaho Road 75080 For planning, our meetings are scheduled on the third Thursday of April and October each year.  You can mark you calendar now to reserve the dates.

Next Meeting - October 18, 2018