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Presidents Ponderings...
Written by: Bill Swan

A Message From Our President...

The April 17th 2014 meeting is just a little over a month away and I found myself reflecting on the fact that this will be my last article as your President. What an honor serving as your President has been for me. Looking to the future the current officers will present to you the slate of candidates we have identified for your consideration by those present at the meeting. This edition of the newsletter will introduce that slate to you by way of a biography and picture that the nominees have provided.

So for this article I am pondering on the privilege that I have been granted to serve as your President over these past two years. The RCRA serves to preserve the legacy of a great company, Collins Radio. It does so through a regular series of meetings and newsletters whose purpose is to inform and educate. As important as those purposes are, there is one overriding RCRA purpose and that is to provide a forum to share with friends and colleagues the experiences of a common history. That history covers a time when the company moved from being known as Collins Radio to Rockwell International to Rockwell Collins. Regardless of when you joined the company the common denominator over that history is the prime objective of providing quality and innovative solutions to our customers while maintaining a clear focus on being a successful business. It is my sincere hope that I and the other officers have remained true to the RCRA purpose.

The April meeting program has the title “The Way to Today”. It is intended to walk down memory lane through pictures of the Collins Radio of the Past to the Rockwell Collins of today. Elsewhere in this newsletter, you will be introduced to Bruce Garthe. Bruce provided some of the rare and early look at Collins Radio in Richardson. The RCRA is indebted to him for helping us put this program together. As John, Glen and I were looking over some of these pictures with Bruce we all began to think about our individual careers through a discovery of the past and its relevance for the present and future. I want to take this opportunity to thank John Estill for his work in pulling together the presentation that we will share with the membership at our meeting.

I want to extend a very special welcome to those that have retired after the October meeting. The association welcomes you and extends to you a great big Howdy. The neat thing about meeting someone new to the association is that you better understand how much contribution that has been made by all of our members to the company, be it Collins Radio or any of the follow on company names.
See you on April 17th!

Website Information

Jerry Henninger, a past president of RCRA, hosts the RCRA website, You may choose to download the current newsletter via the links on that website. While we thank Jerry Henninger and his business partner, Lance Ochs for this service, we are actively seeking a volunteer to manage our website. We ask you to notify one of the officers of obituaries/death notices for our members and send a copy to our email account ( to aid in distribution of that information to our members.


Thanks to Our Hostess Committee

We want to express our gratitude and thanks to our Host/Hostess Committee organized by Janice Taylor and Bernice Toller. This team greets members, prepares the meeting room, handles name tags, arranges and serves the refreshments, sells rosters and collects the money to support the meetings. The team now needs new volunteers to assist them in performing their duties. Please contact one of the RCRA officers or Bernice Toller at 972-596-0372 or 214-769-3273 to join this committee and the good work they do for RCRA..


US Mail of Newsletter is now by Request ONLY!

We are no longer sending our newsletter via the US Mail to those who have not requested that method of delivery. The newsletter will continue to be available at the RCRA Website and if you will provide your email address to us, we will email it to you when a new newsletter is available. If you need an exception, we will mail a copy of the newsletter to you via the US Mail, but you must specifically request this exception and verify your address for us, as follows:
1. Come to the meeting and make that request at our special signup table.
2. Mail a written request to us with your current home address to P.O. Box 851271, Richardson, TX 75085-1271
3. Email your request to us at Please include your current home address, as well.


Member Contributions

Contributions received at the meetings continues to play a major role in offsetting the expenses of this organization. When the baskets are passed please be generous. 
Another way to help RCRA is to purchase an ad in this newsletter. Any officer can help you with the details.

Thursday October 17, 2014
9:00 Social Hour
10:00 Business Meeting
Richardson Civic Center 411 W. Arapaho Road
Speaker: Informal Program

Collins Radio Dallas - The Way to Today

Building 401 Architect Rendering:
Collins Radio Initial Investment in Richardson

The original Collins Radio facility in Richardson has been forever changed by renovation and repurposed application. For many retirees, it has played a part of our careers with the company, and it is appropriate to pause and revisit the progressive changes over the years as it proceeded through Rockwell International, Alcatel, and now multi-purposed applications. Luckily, one of the individuals that was involved in the latest transformation became keenly interested in its history. He is Bruce Garthe, and though not an employee of our company he has over the past two years gathered some very early photographs of the site and its history both before Collins Radio, and the construction of the site.

Bruce Garthe was born in Detroit, raised in Michigan and migrated to Texas in 1979. He became interested in Collins Radio when he was assigned as dockmaster in the original Building 401 during its renovation to the facility now owned and operated by Digital Realty Trust. The original front of the building on Alma is now the rear of the building as shown in the photo below. It should be noted that some of the Collins Radio buildings are now missing entirely and some were purchased by other companies. Among the items found by Bruce at the Dallas Library is a December 1950 photograph of the farm and house that the pioneering owner, Walter Ealy, sold to Collins Radio in 1956. It represents the original Collins Technology Park “Cricket and Cotton” era.

Building 401 Recent Modifications in 2012:
Added Fences & Buildings Now Further Obscure This View

It is our intent to have an informal program at the April meeting, share these pictures of “Collins Radio – The Way to Today”, and open the program for comments and memories from our attendees.
NOTE: If anyone has pictures to loan for the preparation of this meeting, please contact John Estill before the meeting and, if time permits, he will add them to the presentation.

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Newsletter Mailing Announcement

When a new Newsletter edition is available, RCRA will communicate to its members via email the Newsletter is posted at this website.  A PDF copy of the newsletter will no longer be included as an attachment to the email to assure no blockage by some of our member’s email service providers.  The newsletter posted at this site will continue to be in PDF format. 

RCRA urges members who have not yet provided RCRA their preferred email address to send it to  Please include current home address, as well, so that we can cross check our database, and update it for future reference. You can also provide this information at the sign up desk if you attend our meeting. This information will not be published and we promise to send you only pertinent information regarding the association and its members.

- John Estill, VP

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Recent Passings
Remembering Our Work Family

Frances LoPresti Savio Campbell 06/2014
Thomas Whitlock 06/2014
Nancy A. Braden 05/2014
Darrel greenwell 04/2014
Fred Joseph Hawn 03/2014
John Rowbotham 03/2014
Harold Philip Paul 02/2014
Kenneth Olin Bolin 01/2014
Andy Buscanics 01/2014
Arthur Thomas Elgin III 01/2014
Robert (Bob) W. Abbott 01/2014
Clare I. Rice 12/2013
Charles Graham Jr. 12/2013
Hernando Garcia-Vasquez 12/2013
Jack McKenzie 12/2013
Shirley Mae Green 12/2013
Inez Laverne Stanley  12/2013
James Graham Flynn 11/2013
Graeme John Calow 10/2013
Terrel John Russell Graham 10/2013
Ronald John Guidici 06/2013
Warren B. Bruene 09/2013
Elinor Graper 09/2013
Thomas Springer Evans 09/2013
Von Roy Dunn 08/2013
John Howard Netherton 08/2013

Retirement Bulletin Sponsor
Dr. Robert M. Judd, JD, MBA

Dr. Robert M. Judd, JD, MBA, became an RCRA sponsor early in 2007 and continues his support to us. He joins us at our meetings and provides handouts describing his services and registration for three door prizes to award through a drawing at the conclusion of the meeting.