Presidents Ponderings...
Written by: Bill Ziegler

A Message From Our President...

As I prepare to preside over my first meeting of the Rockwell Collins Retirees Association, I am struck by the fragile nature of our day-to-day existence.  Every day we are bombarded with news of terrorism at home and abroad; war and civil unrest in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa; new weather patterns that portend dire circumstances for the years ahead; and now Ebola is at our doorstep. Over the years our Collins Radio/Rockwell Collins retirees can be proud of the command, control and communication products and systems we have developed that enable both military and civil authorities in containing the effect of these types of events. 

Over the last few years, the City of Richardson as invested heavily in developing an emergency control system/facility to assure that we as citizens continue to receive effective public safety support throughout a catastrophic event. The system is designed to permit the coordination of federal, state and local governments as resources are employed to address both local and regional events.  I hope you will all join us at the RCRA meeting on Oct 16th for the social time to catch up with your friends and associates and to hear about Richardson’s emergency response plan.

The association welcomes those of you that have retired after the April 2014 meeting. The neat thing about meeting someone new to the association is that you better understand how much contribution that has been made by all of our members to the company, be it Collins Radio or any of the follow on company names.    

See you on October 16th!

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We want to express our gratitude and thanks to our Host/Hostess Committee organized by Janice Taylor and Bernice Toller. This team greets members, prepares the meeting room, handles name tags, arranges and serves the refreshments, sells rosters and collects the money to support the meetings. The team now needs new volunteers to assist them in performing their duties. Please contact one of the RCRA officers or Bernice Toller at 972-596-0372 or 214-769-3273 to join this committee and the good work they do for RCRA..


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Contributions received at the meetings continues to play a major role in offsetting the expenses of this organization. When the baskets are passed please be generous. 
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Thursday October 16, 2014
9:00 Social Hour
10:00 Business Meeting
Richardson Civic Center 411 W. Arapaho Road
Speaker: Informal Program

Mistie Gardner, CEM, TEM
Emergency Management Coordinator
Richardson, TX

Do you ever wonder if the ones “Talking the Talk” are ACTUALLY “Walking the Walk?”

Severe Weather, Winter Weather, House Fire, Public Health Emergency….. the list goes on and on when you think of all the possible hazards that can cause disruption in your personal and professional life. But, what about disruption with emergency services you are accustomed to receiving from local, state and even federal agencies? As citizens you are told to prepare yourself to respond to hazards you may face in your area; but, have you ever wondered what your city, state and federal governments are doing to prepare themselves and what contingencies are in place to help continue delivery of critical services to you and your neighbors even when the responders or government agency finds itself to be directly impacted by an emergency. The City of Richardson Office of Emergency Management will discuss exactly these questions and provide you a unique and dedicated opportunity to ask any questions you have regarding warning, public notification, city planning, or any other emergency service the city provides. Additionally, City staff are interested in getting your feedback on service delivery and any ideas you are willing to share to help improve emergency services in Richardson.


Mistie Gardner serves as the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Richardson. Mistie brings 16 years of experience including emergency management, public safety communications, hazardous materials management and emergency medical response.

Mistie holds a degree in Emergency Administration and Planning from the University of North Texas. She is designated by the International Association of Emergency Managers as well as the Emergency Management Association of Texas as a Certified Emergency Manager. Mistie is also a recent graduate from the Leadership Richardson program- Class 26.

Under Mistie’s leadership, the Office of Emergency Management has been able to enhance the City’s Emergency Operations Plan and initiate a training and exercise program to achieve the Advanced Planning Level for the State of Texas. Additionally, the Office has achieved and maintained the Storm Ready designation from the National Weather Service and implemented the Special Needs Assistance Program. Prior to working for the City of Richardson, Mistie worked for the North Central Texas Council of Governments managing the Homeland Security Grant Program for the region. In this role, she worked with various state and federal partners along with the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington Urban Area cities to enhance Homeland Security initiatives and disaster preparedness within the 16 counties of North Central Texas.

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- Eric Pearson, VP

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Remembering Our Work Family

Dennis Geerts 09/2014
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Retirement Bulletin Sponsor
Dr. Robert M. Judd, JD, MBA

Dr. Robert M. Judd, JD, MBA, became an RCRA sponsor early in 2007 and continues his support to us. He joins us at our meetings and provides handouts describing his services and registration for three door prizes to award through a drawing at the conclusion of the meeting.